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Register your DoorKing Account Manager software to receive update notifications and other benefits, and to enable Internet programming via the IM Server or the DKS Cellular service.

If you have already registered, you can log in here.

Choose your Registration Type.
Various types of registration are available through this site.
Click the IM Server button below to register for an IM Server Modem subscription, an IM Server Client subscription, as an IM Server Data Entry person, or if you are programming direct and just want to Register your Software.
To register for voice and data plans using our DKS Cellular devices, click the DKS Cellular button below.
Choose this option to activate any of the following registrations:

IM Server Modem: Program your entry systems over the internet from your PC.

IM Server Client: Program your entry systems using our "plug and play" networking.

Data Entry: For those programming entry systems that already have an active subscription.

Software only: If you program your entry system using a direct connection or your own PC modem.

Choose this option to activate your DKS Cellular plans for DoorKing Cellular compatible entry systems. The following Service Types are available:
  • Voice and Data Service.

  • Data Only Service.

  • Voice Only Service.